Surgery Center of Anchorage employs a very knowledgeable team to facilitate consistent billing practices and answer patient questions. We will provide assistance with billing to insurance, making payments and managing the complete process of surgical billing. We are always available to share important information about our billing practices with you.

Doctor consulting patient on their medical results

The Team at Surgery Center of Anchorage understand the process of billing medical charges and want to be of service to you throughout the process. We will submit all insurance claims for you, including secondary insurance.

To ensure proper processing of your claims, it is vital that you supply our office with accurate and up-to-date information at the time of your surgery. This includes any necessary patient-completed forms your insurance carrier may require, current contact information and a copy of your insurance card. If you are covered by health insurance, please remember this is a contract between yourself and the insurance carrier. Any amount not paid by an insurance carrier would become the responsibility of the patient.